Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What makes sucess?

I have always admired women who have become a success in business.
I always dreamed when I was younger, of running a big corporate business company, and being one of those successful women.
As I got older and life took over, my dreams changed but I still admire these successful women.
Oprah, Katie Couric, Margaret Thatcher, These are just a few who come to mind. I think I admire them for their tenacity, intelligence, and personality.
I also admire men who are successful as well.
  I feel some of these might have made it by stepping on others toes, which will make you hard hearted if your not careful.
At one point in time I was going to start going to school for Real Estate when I lived in Idaho. Since I have done a lot of sales, I called my former employer, and asked her what she thought. She said "Go for it!" You will be do great in that field.. She had started selling Real Estate herself, then she warned me it was a "cut throat" business.Well, I don't like "cut throat"... I don't LIKE anything where you can't trust the people you are working with..
So, I probably wouldn't have been successful at being a business woman, if that is part of what it takes.
 I would have "called out" every backstabber I came in contact with and confronted them. Saying that, I don't guess I would have made a very good politician either.


Katie Couric states "It's all about the energy you exude on a daily basis" She advises to listen to your inner compass, and where you feel what makes you feel truly alive.

Oprah says, "Everyone has the power for greatness—not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service." All of us need a vision for our lives and even as we work to achieve the vision, we must surrender it to the power that is greater than we know. God can dream a bigger dream for you than you could ever dream for yourself. Success comes when you surrender to that dream—and let it lead you to the next best place.


This is what was said about Margret Thatcher. "She herself was not an original thinker, and on her resignation the editor of the Daily Telegraph described Thatcherism as a powerful collection of beliefs about the capacities of human beings in a political society.  The secret of her success lies in a combination of qualities, which both saw her into leadership and were the essence of her period in power"
Courage to see an opportunity and take it.
 Decisiveness in times of crisis.
 Clear beliefs held with an evangelical zeal.
 Physical strength. She needed little sleep and would certainly have been killed by the IRA bomb in Brighton if she had not been working on her conference speech at 2:00 a.m.
Intellectual capacity. She entered Oxford at 17 reading chemistry.


Madonna even though her first love is music, is actually a very successful business woman. She was named in Forbes as one of the top successful business women.

She gives five advice on success
1. Never Give Up
When Madonna was a young girl, she didn’t have any money. What she did have was an endless amount of persistence and an incredible drive for success.
2.  Be Limitless If you try something and you find out that it doesn’t work out for you, don’t hesitate to take a new direction.
3.Collaboration- If you try to do everything alone, you make things very hard for yourself. Always try to find the best people to cooperate with. Don’t try to be an expert in everything, but instead focus on what you are good at and find skilled people to do things that are out of your expertise.
4. Know What Sells- Madonna has thought about the things she is passionate about and then searched for the opportunities to follow her passion by doing something that people are ready to pay for.
5. Evolve-Every business idea and product has a lifespan, and nothing lasts forever, so even though everything might look perfect for your blog or your business right now, always be ready to evolve if you notice that consumers’ preferences are starting to change.
Evolving also means learning new skills and becoming better at what you do. Life changes and those people, who can change with it, can ride a wave of success for the longest

We don't have all these qualities in each of these successful women, but I think if we dig deep enough within, we can find the best qualities which fit us. 

I feel we can look and study successful people, and try to put their advice to use in whatever we are trying to achieve.

I also feel how we think and feel about our self, and our own abilities affect our success. 
I am working on this part now..

Who do you admire and what do you feel makes you feel successful?

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