Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You know the saying, "Some-days your the baseball, some days your the bat". Well some days your the mouse and some days your the cat.
Some days your the limbs and some days the wind
Some days you just can't  seem to win..

Other days your the statue then the bird
Some days your the cattle lost in the herd.
Some days you can't win only loose, but you keep plugging along, because giving up you refuse..
Some days your the sunshine other days the rain, some days are just a big pain.
Some days your the rose other days the thorn, pricking anyone who might touch even your arm.

Life is strange to say the least and you never know where each day may lead.
There are roads leading everywhere, twisting, turning, here and there... To choose the right one is all you care.

Sometimes your the ocean- other times the stone-- washed up trying to feel at home.
Each day is exciting to say the least.
Just try to be all you can be.
People come into your life some just for a short while. Some are here to help in the bad, to cheer you up, so you won't feel so sad. Some are here for you to be a friend, because only you know "The shoes they've walked in.
Others are here to stay, to be family and friends the rest of your days.
So just be yourself that's all you can do, "To thy own self be true"

Smile in the good times and the bad.. Find some humor to make you glad.
Surround yourself with the one's who make you laugh..
For Laughter is truly the best medicine ever had













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