Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Show Me The Signs

When you travel do you notice all the unusual signs on the side of the road, or in front of business?
I always have and I love to see what others have found and posted during their travels.
My husband is a photographer, or rather he was, so I get him to take the pictures for me now. 
I also love nature pictures, and I have a lot of those. I might share some at a later date. We have been taking pictures lately of old barns on the back roads where I live
I don't have pictures of the signs I have taken on my computer, so I thought I would find some others have taken on their travels.
I just thought it would be a fun thing to do, so here are some of the ones I like best.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
                                    This was taken in Iowa at a tire store

              Who in the world has been applying at Blockbuster?!

         Someone on their travels sent this to The Ellen Show. Hopefully the teachers won't have to resort to "hitting the bottle" LOL
                 Good luck with that Subway! At least they are willing to work for cheap Ha Ha

                                    Well, they just want to take the fun out of it..


                          Nope, don't want to upset the Natives

                                  Ah, Those Alabama People 

                 Guess the thieves are trying to keep up with the Police

                      And the pastor even put his name up  LOL!

                              Well, that's a wonderful warning!   

   They didn't have to put up a sign for me to do this. I do it anyway   
                       Umm Aren't we missing some letters?

                             In front of a Library.. Love this!

 Here are some signs that were altered by graffiti.. Gotta love these!

                            I am staying away from this town for sure!

                                Funny Person!

                          Guess that's a good reason to Stop            

                                   Reminds me of the Duke         

                                               Yes it does! :-)          

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Burning Brain

Facebook, Google and Google +
Twitter and Pinterest and Blog Spot
Wanelo and all the rest
How do I learn all of this social networking mess?

Is it really necessary to do this
Why can't I just go to Etsy and list
Can't people find my shop, without all this other goobley gop?
Apparently NOT.
So, I will continue to try to learn until my brain starts to burn.  

Today on the Promotional Frenzy Team social networking seemed to be the topic between the members.
I have never used any of these sites, until I joined Etsy, and learned it seems to be necessary to get your shop and information out into the "Cyber World" to be noticed.
I honestly don't know what I expected. I guess just to open a shop, and BAM customers would come running to buy HA HA.. "The jokes on me"
I actually do enjoy learning all this, and I love doing my crafts and trying to sell on Etsy.

Here is a  list of the 15 most popular social networking sites. Some of them I've never heard of, and at this point I don't think I want to. I am having a hard enough time keeping up with the ones I am learning now. 
I am posting the link if you want to check the rest of them out. I am just posting a few of the one's I know, and how many Unique (whatever that means) "monthly visitors" they receive.

List of 15 Most Popular Social Networking sites

                        750,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
                                       65,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

                                   250,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

                                         110,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors 

                                      85,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

                                            70,500,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors

What about you. What social network sites do you use, and which one's do you like the best?

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Children

You know the saying " It takes a village to raise a child". In a sense this is true. 
When it comes to our children here in the U.S there seems to be a lot missing daily at an alarming rate.
So, what can we do as a village?

School has started and I started thinking how sad it is, that we can't feel as safe as we use to , when I or even my kids were in school..Bombings, Killings, Threats, Kidnappings

There are Tv Ads now that teach you to "teach" your children. We all need to pay heed.
Whether we have kids or grand kids, we need to teach them at a very early age what to watch out for.
Tell them that no matter WHAT, if a stranger comes up to them, to even ask if they can help find their "Lost Puppy" Don't do it. This is one  ploy that seems to work with children. 

Tell your kids, if someone other than your parents come to school to take you away. Don't Go, unless your parents has told you before hand.
Parents need to make sure when their children start school, that a list is made to take of who is allowed to get their children from school. If someone comes to the school, and they aren't on that list.. Don't let that child go. It's better to be a little inconvenienced, and to be safe than sorry.
 My husband is a "Forensic CSI and Latent Fingerprint Examiner, and he feels every child should be fingerprinted.
The first 24-48 hours are the most critical to find a missing child

My kids are grown now, but I have a daughter that is living alone in Oregon. 
Even grown you need to be aware at all times of your surroundings, especially when out in a park or even shopping. I think it would be great if all teenagers would take a class of "self defense"

I feel fairly safe where I live now, but If I go out walking by myself in a park, I am always looking to see who is around.

When we go out in public we can also pay attention to the kids and who they are with. Does any of them look frightened, does something seem to be out of place with the person they are with?

There was a report on TV about some of our kids in the malls being taken into the bathroom and raped. That is SO scary! Here we all are in a mall full of people and not one of us notices?


We need to always always watch what our children are doing on the internet. Predators are always there looking for an unsupervised child or teenager.
Some of our teen age girls are being abducted and sold out for prostitution. Seem too far fetched? Well, it's not! I actually know someone that happened to. Thankfully she finally escaped with her life intact.
We need to warn our dating teenagers about being aware at parties. Drugs are slipped to them when they least expect it. I have two women in my family this happened to when they were dating. One was raped, and the other one, it did something permanently to her mental state.


The world can be a scary place. Please, let's do what we can to help our children, grand children, friends children, or even neighborhood children. We can "Warn" them of the possible dangers.
We don't want them to be frightened all the time, but we DO want them to be aware.

You can look online and find a sexual predator by going to your state's "Sexual Offender Registry". 

It will show you where they live. You can even type in your address, and it will tell you if there is one living close to you. I did this, and I was shocked to find there were two, just living down the street from me!


Here are a few sites you can read about and they also offer help to parents of missing children.

Missing Child Clearinghouses http://www.missingkids.com/Clearinghouses

Missing child clearinghouses are organizations providing resources for missing children, their families and the professionals who serve them. Each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and the Netherlands have a missing child clearinghouse.

Stay Informed About Missing Kids in Your Area Remind Kids Remind Schools -Stay Aware Of Kids Around You-

Take 25
Take 25® is a national child safety campaign of the National Center for Missing Exploited Children encouraging families to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about safety and abduction prevention. The goal of Take 25 is to heighten awareness about child safety issues.

Take 25 was created in commemoration of Missing Children's Day, observed each year on May 25. National Missing Children's Day serves as a reminder to make child safety a national priority.
Take 25 provides free safety resources to help keep children safer including safety tips, conversation starters and event planning guides.
Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation

The Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation is a campaign of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® that strives to raise awareness about the complex issue of child sexual exploitation and educate communities across the U.S. about how to recognize and report child victimization.


Picture Them Home® is the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®'s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the power of photos and their importance in the search for missing children. Because photos have such a vital role in the search for missing children, it is NCMEC's goal to distribute posters to as broad an audience as possible.
The familiar saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is proven true time and again by the return of missing children who have been identified through this campaign.

     The pictures I put up are just a few of the missing children here in the U.S

      When it come to protecting "Our Kids" let's be that village.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Etsy's Got Talent

I'm sure all of you have heard of, or watch the TV Show "America's Got Talent" I adore this show and I never miss it. This Season's show is on now.
 This year has some really awesome talent, or I think so. The best part is you can vote for your favorite act after the judges have picked the one's they think are worthy to go through.

Well, I want to tell you.. Etsy's Got Talent! 
They aren't the same kind of talent that you will see on a show, but you can find them on Etsy.
There are some amazing artist on Etsy! Everyone loves handmade, especially to give as gifts. It adds a more special touch to the gift to know someone took the time and the thought into making it.

I have wrote about the team I am on before, but this team has amazing artist, which covers just about any category of handmade.

I have my favorites of course, but they all deserve to be seen and appreciated for their talent. 

Check out Promotional Frenzy Team. 
The link above will provide you with all the names of the members, and take you to their shops.

My shop is Gina's Corner Crafts. I have been, and am going to be adding new items to my shop especially for the up coming holidays.
I create hand turned flowers from pencil shavings. This is a very time consuming  process, so I also have vintage items to sell, in between the times I am making flowers.
I sold my flowers in the crafts stores in Oregon when I lived in the Northwest. I did very well with them there, but Etsy is the first time I've tried to sell them online.
I know you can't see how sturdy they really are, but I put a lot of work into making sure they will last you for years. I tested them myself by putting them out in the Winter on a patio in the Northwest. We are talking about "real winters" there. The snow and wind blowed on them, and they even had ice collect on their petals. To my surprise and pleasure when spring rolled around, they were still just as sturdy and the colors just as vibrant as when I first made them!
The pictures don't do these flowers justice either. They don't really show all the intricate designs of how I hand turn them, or how I  choose more than one color and blend them together, to make a bigger flower of multi colorsI have looked to see if I could  find any that someone else has made, but so far I haven't found any more pencil shaving flowers.
I assure you when you order some of my flowers, you will be very pleased though.



These are just a few of the pencil shaving flowers I make. I also implement them into different items, in case you want something other than just flowers. I have jewelry, home decor, ladies accessories and more!
You can visit my shop here
And be sure to check out all the wonderful artist on Promotional Frenzy Team..
I'm telling you folks.. "Etsy's Got Talent"