Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tomorrow's Halloween.. Thanksgiving is Coming

WOW, Time surely does fly.
It is already the end of the month, and Halloween is tomorrow.

Halloween was always fun when my kids were small, and I miss those times!
All kids love Halloween, and my hubby, who is a big kid still loves it.

I don't know how many of you are "Walking Dead" fans, but we are. I use to never like anything that scared me, because like a kid, I would have bad dreams afterwards.
I don't know what it is about the "Walking Dead" that captures my attention.

For Halloween where we live, there is a hay ride where you can  kill zombies with a paint gun, while riding on the back of the wagon. 
My husband, Fred, wants to go.. So I said yes.
My kids are getting a big kick out of me going to kill zombies for Halloween. They know I am a kid at heart though. Isn't that a great way to stay young?
I must have gotten that from my parents, because they are so young for 75 yr olds.
Last time we visited, my Mother went riding in the woods with all of us, on the back of their four wheeler. I want to be able to do that at 75!

We visit them every Thanksgiving, where I was raised in Ms/La
There a lots of thick woods and trails to ride through in Ms.  
I guess that's why I love being out in nature. I was basically raised tromping through woods, and  I start having nature withdrawals in the Winter. 
When we visit this year, I better get my fill, because it stays pretty much warm in the Deep South, where I was raised, but not where I am living now.
I remember one year at  Christmas it was in the 70's! 
I like snow at Christmas time though, and when I lived in Oregon, I looked forward to that time of the year, when the snow started falling, filling everything with such pristine whiteness. It made everything seem so clean and new! 

We all know how fast Christmas comes after Thanksgiving!

I will be having a sale in my Etsy shop soon for the Christmas Holiday Season,  so please be looking for it. I'm not sure yet how much I will be offering off, but there will be a great discount on everything!

The team I am on,"Promotional Frenzy Team" is giving away free prizes in a drawing at the same time, so I will be posting more on that and how you can enter. There will be LOTS of great gifts to win for Christmas!

Enjoy your Halloween, and remember to keep  your kiddies safe by making sure to check their candy before they eat it. 
It's sad we have to do that, but that is the kind of times we are living in now. 
It's best they are made aware of how to be safe. 
Let them also know their costumes need to be bright, or some kind of reflectors on them, so the traffic can see them.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Look Around

Seems like Fall doesn't last very long, especially when cold weather starts coming in.
It's already 2wks into Autumn, and the cold weather is ready to "strut it's stuff"
 I had to take my plants inside today, because it's suppose to get into the 30's tonight. Can we say Brrrrr?

I'm not a cold weather person, since I was raised in the "Deep South". 

I had to get use to the Northwest cold and snow when I moved to Idaho and Oregon.
Actualy, I never did really get use to it.. I just adapted, but I love the mountains so much, that I, a "Southern Gal", raised where the heat is the main item of the day, wanted to be in the cold just for the beauty.
During that time I seem to have obtained a "Fetish" with coats though. 
I can't seem to get enough coats!
I guess it's because when I was in the Northwest, at one time, I was living in a tent in the Winter.. Yeah!
I had never been so cold in all my life.. Hence the coat fetish. I counted them last Winter, and I had over 40 coats.
Every Winter, I gather some up and give to the homeless..
Which brings me to my subject.

I may think I had it bad in the Winter, but there are people, with children living on the streets.. No coats, no warm shoes.. It breaks my heart to think of people living like that.
I then remember my many blessings.. Me with 40 coats, how could I NOT give?
So, every Winter I gather them up and try to pick out the one's I can seem to part with..
And, yes, every spring I seem to collect more!
"Is this a sickness"? LOL

Anyway,  I want to encourage you, if you have an abundance of something, please look around and see those who don't. 

Regardless of their circumstances, whether they put themselves in that situation or not, by the choices they made.. They still deserve to be warm, to have food, and good shoes.

The Salvation Army will take coats..Local churches are another good place to take them to. A lot of them have coat drives.
When we first moved here to where we live now, my husband and I just gathered some up, and took them to the homeless shelter.

 Another thing close to my heart is the Angel Tree. Around Christmas, churches and other donation places, put up a tree with children's names on it. 
You pick a name, and the child has made a list of things they need or want. You can choose what you are able to get them. 
 Take the gifts to the Angel Tree locations, and they will distribute them out at Christmas.

The nursing homes have poor aged adults, that have no one to give to them at Christmas, or even to visit with them.
 You can go to the Dollar Store and get them things they need, like socks, brushes, and lotions.. And, if you  have time, just visit and let them know someone cares. 
We will all be there one day ourselves.

Another thing my husband is doing for the homeless is getting backpacks from Yard Sales in the Summer, then filling them with tooth brushes, soaps, washcloths, deodorant etc.. We also go to the Dollar Store and get these things, so it doesn't cost much.
I know there are a lot of people that need help in other areas also.
I wish I would, and could, do more than I am doing, but we can do what we can, with what we have.
So, this Holiday Season.. Lets see who is in need, and reach out a helping hand.. Encourage others to do the same.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Is My Favorite Season

WOW, It's hard to believe it's October already.
Where does the time go?
I don't know if it's just me getting older, or if time really is speeding up.
Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons.

I think of when I was young growing up, and Fall meant it was time for the County Fair. My brother and I saved up all year to be able to go. I sold bottles (this was when bottles were refundable), I babysat, I cleaned yards, and when the fair came I was ready.

As I got older my children carried on the tradition. I remember the first time I went back to the fair after I was grown. It use to look so big, and I wondered why it was so small now, but my kids loved it as much as I use to.
In actuality it hadn't changed.. I had.

Fall brings back memories of candy apples, cotton candy, and of course Halloween.

I love to take walks in the Fall, and see all the leaves changing on the trees. Such  pretty colors of oranges and yellows.
A thought came to me that, Fall is when I realized that not all death is ugly. It might sound strange, but think about it.
The leaves are dying, but the colors are gorgeous during the process, and you know when Spring starts all the new leaves will start to bud, and there will be new birth.

Fall gives me renewed energy, because the weather is perfect. It's not too hot nor too cold.. It usually is a perfect temperature, cool breezes, with the night being a little chilly.
At night it makes me want to snuggle with a soft warm blanket, and cocoa. Unfortunately, Fall doesn't last long enough. 
So I plan to enjoy it while it's here...

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