Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Best Online

If you enjoy handmade I have a place for you.. You will find anything you set your heart to.
There are things here that you will never have dreamed you would find
Beautiful things that others have thought up in their minds

Etsy has so many talented artist and vintage collectors too
I know there is something just for you.

If you like cozy candles that smell great
look up Delights by Dorene along the way.


If you enjoy beautiful glass pieces that are unusual too, Mtbaldyglassworks from Libbi Shorts, and Dee with Glitter Bird Glass..Will have just the one for you.


CrystalGaylePhoto is a wonderful photographer that knows how to capture things from the heart. Her art will fill your home with love and warmth.


If knitting and crochet is your style
Crocheted by Charlene and Sewing Granny will go for you the extra mile.                    




 If jewelry is what you love there are SO many talented artist you MUST look UP.

Sheila with Just for Joy has Earrings galore So many it will make your heart soar


Riverwolfeartjewelry does it with style and her pieces will cause you to smile


JQjewelrydesigns creations are really sweet you will have to take more than a "peek"

Bill Guest has pieces you never thought you could find and so affordable it will blow your mind


TrinketsNWhatnots with Janet is so unique you will want to have more than one piece.


If Handmade Woodwork is what you like check out Bills Wooden Pleasures they are a total delight


Then there is(ME) Gina's Corner Crafts making flowers from pencil shavings that are guaranteed to last

There are so many more I can not name
Go to Promotional Frenzy On Etsy for they are on "Their Game." 


There you will find all the best artist online, with lots of goodies to delight and tease the mind.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I could create magic

If I could create magic, this is what I would do
I would create a  peaceful world for me and you
A world with no violence  and no hate
Where love reigned unfaked

Everyone would be free from debts cares
All our children would have food and a roof over their head.
They would not worry about going to school 
For all lived by the "Golden Rule"

No one lived under bridges or on a park bench 
 For everyone would have money to spend.
There would be plenty of jobs to be had
No one would attack our country or dare to harm one hair on our heads.
Peace would rein here instead
We would all have a bright future to look forward to
And old age would bring relaxation like it's suppose to do 
There would be no worries about our care in old age
For we knew when we were young we worked and saved.
All our money we paid in was there to be spent in the way we desired
We had no worries about our money being taken for we trusted it was still ours.

Since I can't create magic or make things OK 
I have to just live in today. 
I can show I care and do my part by bringing to someone's life a little spark 
 Of hope for brighter days, and a better future not too far away.
I can pray for our nation and the people here to look for hope and see cheer
In eyes and smiles of others who care and show their support when the whole country is scared.
We are all walking the same path on our journey here and without each other
 we would surely only see fear. 
Lets all stand together and unite 
Fight with prayer and faith in sight
Let others know we are a people who are strong and won't fall apart when others do us wrong. 



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If I were rich

I am one of those people that has an over active mind. I also have an overactive imagination I am told.
At bedtime I can't just lay down and immediately go to sleep, unlike my husband,who as soon as his head hits the pillow he is out and snoring. " Oh No, not me." I lay there and my mind runs through the whole day. Everything that was said, everything I did or didn't do, everything I wanted to, but was too busy to do.
Last night my mind went to the scenario of "If I were rich". What exactly would I do if I could go anywhere anytime, and do anything?
I of course would travel the world. My Mother calls me the gypsy of the family, because I have always had a hard time staying in one place. Since I never had the money to travel like I always wished, I found myself, somehow moving to those places. Yeah, and my kids call me either "Crazy Woman or Weird". It's all in fun and I know they love me, so I take it with a grain of salt and go with it. This gypsy is finding herself too old to move so much now, and am actually wanting to stay in one place. ( I still get "traveling lust", especially in the Spring and Summer.)
I would also give to others who were less fortunate. I REALLY would. I would pick a random person from each place I traveled to and help them. I would not give them money, but I would give them something they Need.. A Car, A house to live in for a certain amount of time, until they could help themselves.
Now, here's the weird part of what I would do, or so some would probably think.
I would have a trailer just for the things I found along my route in the U.S  for all the Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Auctions to pick up all my goodies. There is no way I could stop going to all these things, because they are what I consider FUN.
The RV I would travel in would have to have enough space for me to create my "pencil shaving flowers". I would sell what I found in the same kind of places I bought from, and give the proceeds to charity.
What I do.. My Crafts, Yard Sales, Auctions, and Flea Markets are such a part of me there is no way I could ever stop doing them.
One of my dreams have always been to own a business and I have all of it in my mind. What it looks like, how it's layed out, and the name. One day I hope this dream will at least come true.
Until then, I will continue to do what I am doing now.
Below are a few  of my favorite places I have been..What would you do if money were no object?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What do you consider success?

I have often wondered what each individual considers what makes them successful on Etsy, or any online selling site.
Is it how many sales you make in a certain amount of time..Or how many people you have in your circles, or how many items you have listed for sale?

I know each one of us wants to be successful monetary. It is a lot of work to try to sell online.
I never had a clue how much it takes to promote yourself!

For myself, I would like to keep at least 200 items in my shop for sale. So far I've not reached that number. I want my shop to become more well known, and to have more in my circles.
I work on this everyday and try to add new people to all the promotional sites I am on.

The reason I started selling online in the first place, is I can't work outside the home in the workforce
When you are having to work outside the home you always think "I wish I didn't have to work everyday". Or at least that's what I always said.
I raised three kids on my own for years and I worked three jobs trying to support them.
Thankfully, I had a wonderful Grandmother that kept them for me, so I didn't have to worry about how they were being treated.

Now, I cant work outside the home due to physical problems, and I wish I  could.
I am always thinking, "What more can I do to be a success in selling?"
It is hard being a one income family these days as most of you know. I feel bad for my husband that he struggles with feeling inadequate with how much money he makes.
He did a lot better when we were in the Northwest, but we moved here in Ky for family and the pay is not that great.

I know there are people out there that have money, enjoy homemade items and love shopping online. SO, how do I find them?

I don't give up easily, so I will keep plugging along each day and hopefully my shop will become more well known.
As most of you know my favorite thing to add and create are my flowers from pencil shavings.
I had them in stores before when I lived in the Northwest and was doing well with selling them.
Where I live now I would have to drive too far to be able to promote them in stores.
I think you have to see them in person to really appreciate them.

What makes your shop work for you.. What do you do different to be successful, and what does your success consist of?