Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I could create magic

If I could create magic, this is what I would do
I would create a  peaceful world for me and you
A world with no violence  and no hate
Where love reigned unfaked

Everyone would be free from debts cares
All our children would have food and a roof over their head.
They would not worry about going to school 
For all lived by the "Golden Rule"

No one lived under bridges or on a park bench 
 For everyone would have money to spend.
There would be plenty of jobs to be had
No one would attack our country or dare to harm one hair on our heads.
Peace would rein here instead
We would all have a bright future to look forward to
And old age would bring relaxation like it's suppose to do 
There would be no worries about our care in old age
For we knew when we were young we worked and saved.
All our money we paid in was there to be spent in the way we desired
We had no worries about our money being taken for we trusted it was still ours.

Since I can't create magic or make things OK 
I have to just live in today. 
I can show I care and do my part by bringing to someone's life a little spark 
 Of hope for brighter days, and a better future not too far away.
I can pray for our nation and the people here to look for hope and see cheer
In eyes and smiles of others who care and show their support when the whole country is scared.
We are all walking the same path on our journey here and without each other
 we would surely only see fear. 
Lets all stand together and unite 
Fight with prayer and faith in sight
Let others know we are a people who are strong and won't fall apart when others do us wrong.