Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Best Online

If you enjoy handmade I have a place for you.. You will find anything you set your heart to.
There are things here that you will never have dreamed you would find
Beautiful things that others have thought up in their minds

Etsy has so many talented artist and vintage collectors too
I know there is something just for you.

If you like cozy candles that smell great
look up Delights by Dorene along the way.


If you enjoy beautiful glass pieces that are unusual too, Mtbaldyglassworks from Libbi Shorts, and Dee with Glitter Bird Glass..Will have just the one for you.


CrystalGaylePhoto is a wonderful photographer that knows how to capture things from the heart. Her art will fill your home with love and warmth.


If knitting and crochet is your style
Crocheted by Charlene and Sewing Granny will go for you the extra mile.                    




 If jewelry is what you love there are SO many talented artist you MUST look UP.

Sheila with Just for Joy has Earrings galore So many it will make your heart soar


Riverwolfeartjewelry does it with style and her pieces will cause you to smile


JQjewelrydesigns creations are really sweet you will have to take more than a "peek"

Bill Guest has pieces you never thought you could find and so affordable it will blow your mind


TrinketsNWhatnots with Janet is so unique you will want to have more than one piece.


If Handmade Woodwork is what you like check out Bills Wooden Pleasures they are a total delight


Then there is(ME) Gina's Corner Crafts making flowers from pencil shavings that are guaranteed to last

There are so many more I can not name
Go to Promotional Frenzy On Etsy for they are on "Their Game." 


There you will find all the best artist online, with lots of goodies to delight and tease the mind.