Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If I were rich

I am one of those people that has an over active mind. I also have an overactive imagination I am told.
At bedtime I can't just lay down and immediately go to sleep, unlike my husband,who as soon as his head hits the pillow he is out and snoring. " Oh No, not me." I lay there and my mind runs through the whole day. Everything that was said, everything I did or didn't do, everything I wanted to, but was too busy to do.
Last night my mind went to the scenario of "If I were rich". What exactly would I do if I could go anywhere anytime, and do anything?
I of course would travel the world. My Mother calls me the gypsy of the family, because I have always had a hard time staying in one place. Since I never had the money to travel like I always wished, I found myself, somehow moving to those places. Yeah, and my kids call me either "Crazy Woman or Weird". It's all in fun and I know they love me, so I take it with a grain of salt and go with it. This gypsy is finding herself too old to move so much now, and am actually wanting to stay in one place. ( I still get "traveling lust", especially in the Spring and Summer.)
I would also give to others who were less fortunate. I REALLY would. I would pick a random person from each place I traveled to and help them. I would not give them money, but I would give them something they Need.. A Car, A house to live in for a certain amount of time, until they could help themselves.
Now, here's the weird part of what I would do, or so some would probably think.
I would have a trailer just for the things I found along my route in the U.S  for all the Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Auctions to pick up all my goodies. There is no way I could stop going to all these things, because they are what I consider FUN.
The RV I would travel in would have to have enough space for me to create my "pencil shaving flowers". I would sell what I found in the same kind of places I bought from, and give the proceeds to charity.
What I do.. My Crafts, Yard Sales, Auctions, and Flea Markets are such a part of me there is no way I could ever stop doing them.
One of my dreams have always been to own a business and I have all of it in my mind. What it looks like, how it's layed out, and the name. One day I hope this dream will at least come true.
Until then, I will continue to do what I am doing now.
Below are a few  of my favorite places I have been..What would you do if money were no object?