Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Etsy's Got Talent

I'm sure all of you have heard of, or watch the TV Show "America's Got Talent" I adore this show and I never miss it. This Season's show is on now.
 This year has some really awesome talent, or I think so. The best part is you can vote for your favorite act after the judges have picked the one's they think are worthy to go through.

Well, I want to tell you.. Etsy's Got Talent! 
They aren't the same kind of talent that you will see on a show, but you can find them on Etsy.
There are some amazing artist on Etsy! Everyone loves handmade, especially to give as gifts. It adds a more special touch to the gift to know someone took the time and the thought into making it.

I have wrote about the team I am on before, but this team has amazing artist, which covers just about any category of handmade.

I have my favorites of course, but they all deserve to be seen and appreciated for their talent. 

Check out Promotional Frenzy Team.
The link above will provide you with all the names of the members, and take you to their shops.

My shop is Gina's Corner Crafts. I have been, and am going to be adding new items to my shop especially for the up coming holidays.
I create hand turned flowers from pencil shavings. This is a very time consuming  process, so I also have vintage items to sell, in between the times I am making flowers.
I sold my flowers in the crafts stores in Oregon when I lived in the Northwest. I did very well with them there, but Etsy is the first time I've tried to sell them online.
I know you can't see how sturdy they really are, but I put a lot of work into making sure they will last you for years. I tested them myself by putting them out in the Winter on a patio in the Northwest. We are talking about "real winters" there. The snow and wind blowed on them, and they even had ice collect on their petals. To my surprise and pleasure when spring rolled around, they were still just as sturdy and the colors just as vibrant as when I first made them!
The pictures don't do these flowers justice either. They don't really show all the intricate designs of how I hand turn them, or how I  choose more than one color and blend them together, to make a bigger flower of multi colorsI have looked to see if I could  find any that someone else has made, but so far I haven't found any more pencil shaving flowers.
I assure you when you order some of my flowers, you will be very pleased though.



These are just a few of the pencil shaving flowers I make. I also implement them into different items, in case you want something other than just flowers. I have jewelry, home decor, ladies accessories and more!
You can visit my shop here
And be sure to check out all the wonderful artist on Promotional Frenzy Team..
I'm telling you folks.. "Etsy's Got Talent"