Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Show Me The Signs

When you travel do you notice all the unusual signs on the side of the road, or in front of business?
I always have and I love to see what others have found and posted during their travels.
My husband is a photographer, or rather he was, so I get him to take the pictures for me now. 
I also love nature pictures, and I have a lot of those. I might share some at a later date. We have been taking pictures lately of old barns on the back roads where I live
I don't have pictures of the signs I have taken on my computer, so I thought I would find some others have taken on their travels.
I just thought it would be a fun thing to do, so here are some of the ones I like best.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
                                    This was taken in Iowa at a tire store

              Who in the world has been applying at Blockbuster?!

         Someone on their travels sent this to The Ellen Show. Hopefully the teachers won't have to resort to "hitting the bottle" LOL
                 Good luck with that Subway! At least they are willing to work for cheap Ha Ha

                                    Well, they just want to take the fun out of it..


                          Nope, don't want to upset the Natives

                                  Ah, Those Alabama People 

                 Guess the thieves are trying to keep up with the Police

                      And the pastor even put his name up  LOL!

                              Well, that's a wonderful warning!   

   They didn't have to put up a sign for me to do this. I do it anyway   
                       Umm Aren't we missing some letters?

                             In front of a Library.. Love this!

 Here are some signs that were altered by graffiti.. Gotta love these!

                            I am staying away from this town for sure!

                                Funny Person!

                          Guess that's a good reason to Stop            

                                   Reminds me of the Duke         

                                               Yes it does! :-)          

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