Sunday, September 1, 2013

Learning Acceptance

My blog is called Ginas Corner Crafts, because that is my store on Etsy, for those of you, whom this is the first time to read one of my blogs.
I don't just blog about my shop though, and blogging is a new adventure for me.
I like to blog about things I find interesting, or funny,or to remind myself of things I am trying to learn or accept.

I am originally from La/Ms area, but I lived in the Northwest for over 17yrs and it felt like home.
I moved to Ky 6yrs ago, for various being my Mother was in bad health, and I was trying to get closer to her in case she needed me.
In these 6yrs, I still "Yearn" to go back to where I feel is home.. "The beautiful Northwest"
I can not do this at the time and I have been trying to learn acceptance.
I am trying to find the beauty in where I am, and truthfully Ky does have some pretty scenery.
I guess I just keep measuring it by Idaho and Oregon, and it will never compare to either.

There is a lot of things in the Northwest, I can not do here. 
I am trying to get my "Pencil Shaving Flowers" back on the selling market. Here where I live, there are no towns close by with craft stores, where I sold my flowers before. There are no nearby craft shows..
So, I put them in an Etsy shop 

In the mean time I am trying to be thankful and enjoy the beauty that IS around me at this time in my life.
One thing about life is.. "It always changes"

Today, we took a short ride and I took pictures of some Ky scenery..
This is on the way to Ky River Campground, which is only about 20miles from my house.
I love these creeks with the clear water, and I was surprised to find one this close to me. I can't get out and "walk the creek" like I would like to though. My husband parked the car on the side of the road ,I got out of the car, and a car came around a curve and almost ran me down..
This is a rock formation in the Cove Springs Park here where I live. This is the first time we have been here, and it was so close to us!
This lovely picture is overlooking the town where I live, at the same park. One of my favorite things to do is find a high spot and overlook what is around me.
These are just the pictures we took today on the short ride. 
Tomorrow for Memorial Day I hope to take a longer ride and find more pretty scenery. 
I might not be able to move back to my beloved Northwest at this moment in time, but I will continue to find the beauty around me.

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop. I have hand turned flowers from pencil shavings, handmade woodwork creations, nice vintage pieces, and various eclectic crafts