Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pet Peeves and I Wonder

I want to blog about what I call "Pet Peeves", and "I Wonders"  of mine,
We all have them, and since this is my blog I can "talk them out" right?
It's your choice of course to continue reading, but I hope you will.
I would also like comments on how you feel about these things, and what are some of your "Pet Peeves and I Wonders"

For one, I wonder who dug up these minerals out of the ground and mines and  decided, "Oh, that's pretty, I think I will put an X number of dollars on this, and re sell for that amount and make a killing.
And, who decided that diamonds are worth a fortune?

I mean, they were put there for all I would think..
I guess I picture someone looking at an object, and saying.."I'm not sure what this is, but it's pretty, so I think I will benefit from it by charging others to look at it or own it.". 


This is a Pet Peeve of mine..We that work shouldn't have to pay for others that dont want to work, or doesn't try.
I understand being in need.. But, I feel there is some kind of job you CAN do to help yourself.. How about McDonalds,Wendys..Etc. These places are always hiring. I understand the need for assistance, but I'm talking about people who CAN work and don't. They just work the system, and we pay for it


I raised three kids by myself and worked three jobs. They weren't easy jobs.. Cleaning houses, working in a convenience store, and a drive through food restaurant..
I really believe no matter how hard the economy is right now, we can do what we are able to help ourselves also.
Now, I am disabled and can't work, and everday I wish I could help my husband by being in the work force.

Just to clarify, I'm not angry.. I am more curious about these things.. I guess the "I Wonders" and the "Pet Peeves" kind of go together.

I wonder who decided that atheletes and actors should make Millions, while Firefighters and Policeman who put their life on the line everyday, hardly makes enough to survive.
Granted, we ALL love sports, especially in the U.S, but is that a reason to overpay them?

What about actors, yes, they give us entertainment, and the media hypes them up, so we will all pay good money to see their movies..
I have my favorite actors, but I don't think they are worth millions!



What about all our military men who put their lives on the line everyday, leave their families, their homes and friends.
Don't they deserve just as much for all they do?


I just think a great system would be to pay fairly for the job performed.
I feel the Corporations have gotten so greedy, that they are consumed more and more by how much money they can make, at the average American's expense.

 And a very strong "Pet Peeve of mine is abuse.
Any kind of abuse. Child abuse, Spouse abuse, Animal abuse, and abuse of the Elderly.
Seems to me since drugs run rampart in our country, there is  more and more abuse problems. More murders, robberies, more crime than ever before.

Please if you see abuse, don't hesitate or be scared to report it. The most important thing is getting help for the one's being abused, and getting them out of the situation.


I love this country and I am SO glad I was born here.We have a lot to still be thankful for, and I try everyday amidst my own personal struggles, to not "dwell" on my pet peeves, or my problems
I try to remember all the different ways I have been blessed.

I just wish our country would be more equal in pay, and somehow we could control all the drugs here.

It seems most of us are all struggling with something in our lives. Loss of jobs, illness, loss of family members and loved ones,..

I don't know what anyone's personal beliefs are, and that is your business.. But, I have to speak up and let everyone know..
I could not have made it through everything I have been through (And it's been a lot!) without a "Heavenly Father" above, who reassures me it's just temporary here, and there is a better place waiting for me.
He has consoled me, given me peace when I needed it the most, answered so  many prayers, and yes, some prayers he hasn't answered the way I wanted.. But, I know he has plans for me that I don't understand.

Lets all reach out to others we know who are struggling, and lend a hand, a kind word, a smile..It might make someones day and help them through..
And, laugh everyday at something, even if it's yourself!
Laughter soothes..

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I can promise you what I have won't cost a fortune, and I know you will find something just for you or someone you know.