Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Seasons Of Life

I am blogging today about something that came to me.
Even though I own a store on Etsy Ginascornercrafts.etsy.com , where I make flowers from pencil shavings, have nice vintage items, handmade woodworking crafts, and various eclectic crafts.. I am blogging about things that come to my mind, things I find funny, random thoughts, or something or someone I have learned life's lessons from.
This is a about "The Seasons of Life"

The Seasons of life never change
They just take their turns and wait..

The hot sultry days of Summer where children play, the sun shining on a long Summer day--Gives it up               


To the colorful Autumn leaves, Cool Breezes and Halloween, with Children Yelling "Trick or Treat..Then Thanksgiving and Family Time
These are the better days of our lives



 Old Man Winter then comes blowing in letting ALL know, it's all about Him. He causes havoc everywhere.
He freezes the trees, streets and roads amidst the stares and "Oh No's"... Then he showers us with snow, pretty, pure  and white, and making everything glow and bright.
He reminds us Christmas is near where can be heard voices with laughter and cheer, more family and friend time..
Cold snuggly Winter Nights..Warm Pj's by the fire..


Before you know it Springs light whispers can be heard..
And Old Man Winter hears her words.. He starts to fade melting all the ice and snow, letting go

Spring starts trying to push through..Letting us feel all is new.
Flowers bloom, grass grows, more green leaves on the trees start to show. And birds sing once again welcoming Spring in.


.. We are born, we grow old, then comes the end of our lives(here)
But, we have a legacy we leave behind, our own children to watch and learn all about life here, and creating memories that they can hold dear
They then become older and wise, and realize
"The Seasons of Life"