Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I am in a team on Etsy, Promotional Frenzy Team, and they have a contest going which I meant to enter but I didn't get my 
entry in time.
My shop on Etsy is Gina's Corner Crafts
By the way, the Promotional Frenzy Team have some wonderful handmade artist, if you would like to check them out. https://www.etsy.com/teams   /7512/promotional-frenzy-team/members

The contest was what would our ideal customer be like. 

I ran that through my mind through the week, but couldn't formulate in my mind exactly what he or she would be like, until today.  It's too late to enter, but this is what my "Ideal Customer" would be like.

This is what we were asked to answer.

? What is your ideal customer's favorite movie?
? List two (2) of your ideal customer's hobbies.
? What is one (1) need of your ideal customer?
? Briefly describe how your products meet that need.

                      My Ideal Customer

My ideal customer's movie would be comedies, because she loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.
Her favorite movie though, is Gone With The Wind, because of the era it was made, the history behind it, all the gorgeous gowns and jewelry, and the rich heritage that she shares with the South. 


One of her favorite things to do would be shopping in my store of course.
 She loves nature and anything different and unusual.

She likes gardening and flowers are her passion. Since she enjoys handmade items she really loves my pencil shaving flowers. She actually mixes a few of my flowers with flowers of her choice in a vase to add variety


She searches for hand blown vases, and any vases that are unusual. She has ordered a few of my vases, and has been sending her friends to my shop who admires the one's I sold her.


Another of her favorite item to order is jewelry. She enjoys various jewelry that is unusual and handmade, and some that has crystals, natural gems, and semi precious stones, not just diamonds.  She sometimes buys jewelry with a Native American theme made with leather products.


  One of her hobbies is hunting rocks with natural gemstones and minerals that shine.
                             One of my quartz crystal rocks 
                                One of my favorite rocks

She also collects dolls and is always checking to see what I have to add to her collection.


And, since coca cola is her favorite soft drink she collects coca cola items. You could say she is a "Cola Fan"


                    Oh, did I add she LOVES hats!

She relaxes by turning the lights down low, and lighting candles of different sorts and scents. Since she likes the unusual and different, she is always searching for candles that catch her fancy..

She visits my shop for my flowers, jewelry, hats, and vases, because some of my hats have vintage gemstones hand embellished on them. My jewelry is unique in it's own way, and, she knows she won't find flowers like mine anywhere else..

                               In fact "My Ideal Customer" kind of sounds like ME...