Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day

                In honor of Independence Day

It's Independence Day not just the 4th of July
It's when we should let our American flags fly
It's when our hearts should swell with pride to be in this great country of ours.
It's the Home of the Brave Land of the Free
It's what was chosen for you and me.


We have the Constitution and all the rights that it brings.
One being the freedom of speech. Freedom of Religion Freedom To Choose, so many freedoms for me and you.

Our forefathers were inspired to write this Constitution of ours
But, It came with a price many soldiers fought for that right."They say our freedom was bought with that price.". Good men gave their lives
We should remember the ones who fought in the past and the ones who still do today
To keep our freedom free this way.
Sometimes it feels wars don't make much sense, but to the one's fighting it does
And to us its a gift.



The one's who signed the Constitution were "Brave Men" and we've come a "Long way baby", since then.




It's not just about back yard barbeques, but it's also about our "freedom to choose"
So on Indepence Day lets stand tall and proud to be in this country of ours.


Thank a soldier for his service this day
Tell a veteran how much you appreciate his dedication
Remember this day is not just a day of vacation, off from work, carefree, it's also a day to remember how our freedom came to be


So to all of my fellow Americans I say "Happy Indepence Day" not just "Happy fourth of July"
Let's be thankful we were born in this great Nation of ours.
God bless America and all that it brings and let freedom ring!

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