Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners

We are a  nation for the most part who loves our animals.
There are some that abuse these loving friends, and nothing makes me madder! If I had the money I would buy acres of land, and rescue every abused animal I came across, and hire people to take care of each one of them.  
I know that will never happen, but I can love my "doggie daughter" while I have her. Her name is Cookie and she is very spoiled! I named her Cookie, because when we got her as a puppy she was all black except a small part under her chest which was white. I told my husband,"She looks like an oreo cookie". Hence the name Cookie was born.. 
Cookie is part lab and part Brittany spaniel, and she has big floppy ears and little short legs, but looks like a lab.

I love seeing pictures of pets who they say look like their owners, so I thought I would share a few.. See what you think.

                             This is my dog Cookie..

Now, let's see  if any of these precious animals really look like their owners.

          Caption: Some say dogs look like their owners I think it's just a myth.

                                                         I think this one does for sure

                                To me they have the same shape of face

                                                            They for sure have the same hairdo


                                       Looks like one of the Ladie's just chillin out and chatting

                                                            Looks like twins to me

                                               I love the look on this dog's face!

                                                      Just two guys having fun

                                                            Ummm Yeah!


                                                 Ladies have to stick together
                                         Too adorable for words!

                                                   Can't look anymore alike than this!


                              I guess we can even look like our other pets!


                                                                Oh My!

                              Here are a few celebrities with their loved pets







And in "Loving Memory" of a few of my pets that are no longer with me.

                           This is Sarah. She was a rescue dog, and we got her when she was an old lady. Her owner had died and they were going to put her to sleep. She had such character, and acted like she knew everything you were saying. If she didn't like what you were saying, she would give you a dirty look! 
                                                         This is Bear. He was a long hair Sharpee. I couldn't keep him any longer, because of the Apts I had to move to, so I let my brother take him for me. He died of cancer recently after having his leg amputated.

                                                   Another one of Bear, and my brothers Sharpee, "Lady Blue"
                                                    This is Jack. He is a Rott. He was originally my ex's dog, so he is  still there with him in Oregon. I miss Jack very much. We went tromping through the backwoods of Oregon together and he was a great watchdog.

                                         This is Queenie, she was a German Shepard,and one of the first dogs I had. This is a very old picture with her and my son Cory. She was very protective of Cory, and even jumped the fence when Cory got out of the fenced in yard one day.. We lived on a very busy highway, and the paper boy came to tell me my 3yr old son was on the Hwy, but he couldn't get to him because Queenie was keeping him off the highway, and wouldn't let him even up to Cory.

                                      This is Creole. I miss him still everyday! He was probably the smartest dog I have ever owned. He was part Rott, and part Cow Dog. He loved to "herd, and he would herd my cat out of the woods when I told him to.

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