Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What do you do?

Everyone has stress in their life, that is a given I think. 
How we deal with it is what matters the most. Sometimes I seem to give into it, and other times I just let it roll over my back.

Most of the time I practice techniques I have learned through the years. 
One thing I try to do is sit in a quiet environment, concentrate on my breathing, and just relax.

The other thing is to quieten my mind, which can be hard at times. My mind seems like a freight train out of control sometimes. 
I read one way to get your mind to relax from thoughts is to pick a focal point. Stare at that object while concentrating on your breathing. As your doing that try to use your peripheral vision. See what is above, below, and on the sides of you without taking your eyes of of the focal point. It really does stop you from thinking, and gives your mind a mini break!

I guess I am stressing too much about my surgery I am having next Thurs. 
Last time I went in for surgery I had problems with my bleeding again. 
When I had  my last child I almost died and needed a blood transfusion.. I guess I am just a "chicken" when it comes to surgery. At least this Dr sent me to an oncologist for test to make sure I'm not a hemophiliac, and thankfully that's not the problem.

Most of the time I try to use laughter as a stress relief. 
I prefer getting out in nature, in the mountains or by the sea, but it looks like that isn't an option for me at this time.
So here I am blogging about my feelings, and wondering how others relieve their stress..

I had a good laugh last night.. My husband and I were watching the news, and the police had arrested a man who broke into a local grocery store here. They caught it all on camera..
He actually cooked six steaks while he was in the store, used up 20 cans of whipped cream, and ate a Birthday Cake from the Deli in the process..
Ok.. The steaks were kind of understandable..(maybe he was hungry LOL), But 20 cans of whipped cream? I still laugh when I think about that!

So, what do you do when you need to just give your mind a break?