Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lets Wake And Be Thankful

 You've heard it said you cant have a rainbow without the rain
You can't feel joy without the pain
You don't appreciate life until it's almost gone
You don't miss love until your alone.

We don't think about the little things
Like hearing the birds sweetly sing..Seeing the beauty all around, Feeling the solidity of your feet on the ground. Being able to walk out in nature with two good feet..
Tasting life with it's bitter and sweet

Having a place to lay your head, not worrying about watching your back instead
Family and loved ones near, knowing their safety is never feared..
Good health given to us is something so dear..
Ask someone who has fought cancer just trying to live.

All these things we take for granted ..Hearing,Seeing, Tasting, Love and our Planet..
In a blink of an eye it could all be gone nothing left but memories to hold

So Lets wake each morning and look around.. Be thankful for what we have!
Smell the flowers, touch the trees, look in the skies and feel the breeze.

Behind a church here in Ky

Swamp Land in My Home State Of Ms

Across The Road From My Home Here In Ky..Foggy Morning

Where I Use To Live In Oregon... Mt Bachelor
Baby Birds In Our Backyard

A Rose From My Bush