Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

This past Sunday as you know was Mother's Day.
My Mom lives in Ms, so I don't get to spend time with her on that day. My kids are scattered everywhere.. Two in Ms, One in La, and One in Oregon.
It's just my husband, our "doggie daughter" Cookie,  and I.

My husbands Mom passed when he was in his 20's and every year on Mother's Day he would always be sad. I read about some people releasing balloons to loved one's who had passed, so about three years ago, I suggest to my husband we do that.

My Grandmother raised me, who I called Mama , and I always think of her as my Mom also.
So for the last three years we  have been getting balloons on Mother's Day, writing a note and releasing them for them.

Every year I will say, "Mama come get your balloon" and I don't know what you think.. But, I choose to believe she does just that. The balloon shoots up toward the sky and disappears so fast you can barely see it. This year it went under the clouds when I lost track of it.

One year my husband's Mom's balloon got caught in the tree, and my husband was getting really upset. I said, "Mrs Crane come get your balloon."
There was not even a breeze blowing and all of a sudden the leaves on the trees started shaking, and the balloon shot up out of the trees into the sky. My husband just stood there with this amazed look on his face, and I told him "She came and got her balloon"

If you  have a Mom or someone you think of as a Mom and you are sad at this special time.. Try getting a balloon for them. It really makes you feel you are giving them something, and letting them know you still think about them and love them.