Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As I read others blogs, I realize I am WAY behind in 
A. How I set up my blog.
B. What to find interesting to blog about.
C. Getting others interested in my blog.

I've come to the conclusion at this moment I will just blog about my thoughts.
I am having to move and it's taking all my energy just to keep up with packing, my Etsy shop, and trying to follow along with the team activities.
Later I will play around with the formats and pictures on my blog. Later as in Once I am Moved!

This gypsy is getting too old to keep moving.  I say gypsy because that is what my Mother calls me..The Gypsy Of the Family. Where I grew up in the deep south, you don't move away, or if you do, you don't move far. I moved cross country to the Northwest. I was considered a deserter (Oh My)
I met my husband I am married to now in the Northwest (Oregon), and we have been together for 9yrs, soon to be married 8. We both have daughters still in Oregon, and mine is the baby of the family, and  his is the ONLY child.
If I were going to have to move again, I wanted it to be back to the Northwest, where my heart was captured by all the beautiful mountains, clear streams, and gorgeous flowing waterfalls.

My Mother's health started getting bad, so I tried to move back as close to her as I could.
Kentucky was the closest we could find for my husband's line of work. My Mother's health is now better than mine. I am glad of that, but my heart is still in Oregon,Idaho, and parts of Colorado.

When we bought the house we are in now, we signed on a Land Contract. That was our first mistake, second mistake was actually trusting. ME Trusting? WOW~
The lady we were buying the house from told us after the contract was up, and we still weren't able to finance she would re sign for at least another year.
In another year we would have been able to finance for our selves, because our credit score would have been high enough. She kept saying she was coming over to re sign and never did..
HELLO.. First clue.
Now she has decided to put the house up for sale, and we have to be out by April 1st.

I have been worried how I am going to keep my Etsy store going with all of this going on. I have been still been plugging along, but what happens when the day comes I have to move?
How in the WORLD will I find all of my products I have for sale packed up in boxes?
I guess I will be digging around in boxes when I sell something.
I can just see myself now.. Panicking because I can't find what someone just paid for and bought.

I have been thinking I should go over first and set my craft room up, put out all my products on the shelves right before the move. I don't know in reality if I will have time for that.
I do not want my store to suffer because of all that is going on.
I have worked hard in putting the effort into learning how to sale online, joining the social medias and trying to get followers, and participating in the team activities.
Right now, I am only concentrating on Promotional Frenzy Team, even though some teams I joined before this one, keeps sending me emails to participate.

Even though my grown children still think I am Superwoman.. I am just a "lowly" struggling at home wife, who even though disabled and not able to work outside the home any longer, is trying to do her  part to help financially.