Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finding Inspiration Admist It All

I am in the process of moving once again. I say once again, because I  have moved so much in my life it seems to have became a "second nature" with me. I usually move from State to State, which if I am going to have to  move I would prefer to do.
My Mother has named  me "The Gypsy" of the family, and she informed me she still has almost a whole book of my old phone numbers. Well, Mom, get ready because you are about to have another one to add to the list.
This move is not of my choice this time. I thought we were buying this house, and would be staying a while. I made the mistake of purchasing on a "land contract". It was for three years, and at the end of that time, if we still weren't able to finance through a company she agreed to re sign.
Our three years was up in Sept, and she agreed to re sign.. But, I guess she changed her mind and now is going to put the house on the market.
I have come to the conclusion, "I am getting to old to move" like I use to be able to do.
 I want badly to  move back to the Northwest, where a lot of my other family are, including my youngest daughter. I had planned it in  my mind if I was going to move, it would be there. Sometimes our plans take a turn or decide to go in another direction. Mine went down a side road, and in a back alley.  Apparently, it isn't time to move back yet. I'm not giving up until I do, but it's not going to be on MY time frame. Acceptance plays a big part in having Peace of Mind.

I am also disabled, and  can't work outside the home anymore.. Hence one of the reasons I started selling online. I wanted to do something that would help us financially.
I have worked most of my life, and it was very hard for me to finally accept the fact that I no longer can. In fact my first "real" job was when I was 15yrs old.
I raised three kids on my own and worked three jobs doing it.

My now husband of 8yrs, who is a wonderful guy and has always been healthy is now having health problems.
I had told myself, "Self, you will not get use to relying on a  man". I had never been able to before. This man LIKES for me to rely on him, and I fell into the habit of letting him since my disabilities worsened.
Now, he is having health problems, and I need to be able to Step Up somehow and do what needs to be done.

So, how do I continue to find inspiration amidst it all,with all the chaos and packing to move, finding another place, going through health problems?
I have never been one to give up easily, once I set my mind on what I want.
I WANT to be successful in selling online.
I WANT to be successful in learning new things, which may seem to others as no big deal, but to me IS.
I WANT to face life with courage at all times, even though sometimes I don't feel so courageous.

You see, through the years I had  many plans of being successful in different ways, but every time I set  out to accomplish my goals, life happened. It was too hard on me trying to raise three kids on my own, working, and taking classes at the same time. I tried this three times at passages in my life, and each time I had major setbacks, that I won't go into..But this time I need to succeed.

I have found inspiration in others in the online community. I have read blogs about their challenges and how they over come.
I enjoy reading quotes that inspire me, and I do tweet a quote at least once a day.
And, I pray. Yes I pray! I could not have gotten through things in my life without that.

I have joined this wonderful team "Promotional Frenzy Team", on Etsy, who really do seem to like to help each other, encourage each other, and be successful doing it.

I might have to take a week off when the move happens, but I will be setting my craft room  up ASAP and getting back online and To It.
I will "Keep on Keeping On"  Always!