Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In places where the snow is coming down and Spring seems to be now where around
Where you step outside and all you see is white, you long for something colorful and bright.

You want to see green trees and leaves, smell cut grass, and a nice soothing breeze.
It's time for flowers and trees to bloom, and to leave behind Old Man Winter's gloom.

It's time for a walk through the park, to see children playing, and hear dogs bark.
Time for something that lightens the heart.

If you can't see the flowers yet to bloom I have something just for you.
These will never fade or die away even in the coldest of days.

They will brighten your house and every room with their colorful cheerful blooms.
You can use them every time of the year and they will always promise to bring cheer.

So take a stroll through my shop and see the colors that never stop.
You will be surprised what you will find, Flowers created from pencil shavings, will lighten the mind.

They might look delicate, they might look slight,but when you touch them you will find
they are quite sturdy and will last you a very long time.